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Masterweb has the solution to all online and internet requirements. Below is a summary of some services we offer:


Website Design and Development

Our experience will help your business. We service clients in the Oil and Gas Industries, Medical, Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality, Entertainment, and Commerce industries. At Masterweb, we strive to make you the best by leveraging on all technology available to achieve business goals, keeping these in mind - Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency! You will find a list of our clients here Request A Quote Now


Social Media Advertising Campaign

Are you a politician and wants to get an information out, or a preacher or a business owner? Advertising is the way to speak to the public. We can potray, build or correct any bad image for brands, products or organisations through advertising. Make a positive impression by taking advantage of this service. We will help you get on Facebook with up to a million fans, same with Twitter and even drive traffic to your website. Find more info here


Computer Based Testing Solutions

Are you a student about to write an examination or an establishment looking for the perfect tool for computer based testing! We have a free online based software that we have built to serve this purpose. Students writing JAMB UTME in Nigeria can quickly use this as well as businesses trying to leverage the power of the internet and computers. Find more info here


Buy and Sell Websites, Domains and Services

We build and sell online services. We can act as a broker to help you acquire or sell any internet service you have too. We are professionals in buying and selling of websites, domain names and any other internet service. Do you need a domain name that has already been registered by someone else, we can help you acquire it from the secondary market. Find more info here


E Commerce Solutions

You don't need to be told, the future is in the power of social media and the internet. A lot of people are shopping online. If your business is not online yet, you are missing out. Contact us to provide a platform for you to sell your products. Want to increase sales and drive revenue? Click here


Learn Web Development, Design or anything in ICT

We help you realise your dreams by helping make it simple for you to understand what it takes to be a Techy Guy or Babe. We can teach you web development alone or as a team. We can also teach stuffs beside Web development. Maybe you need help with how to use Analytics for growth, how to monetize your website and some other ICT related stuffs, just contact us and we shall help. But for the sole purpose of learning website designing, Click here


Branding, Content Creation and Distribution

Whether you are an author, an editor or you own a website or want something updated, we can provide you with nice and quality content/ideas. We create pdf and other rich-content documents and help you distribute to your specified audience. We can also host your content, presenting it in a rich-readable format for everyone. With an understanding of your business, we can get you a slogan, motto and domain name ideas that will never depart from your audience. For more information, Click here


Graphic, Logo and Banner Designs

Whether for advertising or for use in your websites and business places, we develop quality graphics for your need. We design logo for companies and agencies with the knowledge of your business concept and trends. We provide banner graphics for use in advertising; this increases the response of your audience to a campaign. For more information, Click here


Survey & Campaign

We run surveys, polls and help bring to notice a campaign. If you ever need to sample the opinion of your audience on a particular issue, then this is perfect for you. If you are a politician, a business owner or a start-up, never neglect the power of this.


It doesn't end here; do contact us if you ever need to learn more or if you need to find solution to any online need. Get the best out of the internet today. We can help you maximize profit online. Talk to us about your ideas and we would help you bring them to life Contact Us Now




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Our Mission is to build platforms that connect and help people and businesses thrive

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