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Business Branding and Personal Branding

We make businesses and individuals presentable to the public by integrating certain services we offer into one. In Nigeria, we say Packaging is Everything, and that’s what we do here. In branding we provide graphic services such as logo design, banners, business cards and any other relevant graphics needed. We also provide a website for the client, as well as social media pages. We plan social media campaigns to reach out to more audience.
A social media campaign is not as simple as paying and running ads, but using the right content to target the right audience. This saves money for clients, brings about better conversion ratio, provides more value, and increases brand awareness.

Connect to us on what brand you are trying to promote and be open about your budget and we shall compile you a package to suit your needs. Your budget can be as low as N50,000 for this service when you already have a website, or as low as N100,000 when you do not already have a website. There is no maximum amount. The higher your budget, the more audience we can reach out to, for you.

We recommend you be open about your budget because it will help us plan a better campaign for you. Our charges are 10 percent of your budget, which we can negotiate down as the budget exceeds N1,000,000. There is, therefore, no chance of billing you higher, when we discover you have more to spend. Rather, an open budget will enable us serve you better.


We are a personal branding and business branding company in Lagos, Nigeria

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