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E-Commerce Solutions with Masterweb Stores

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We understand the power of the internet, and that’s why we have a special offering for people and businesses that wish to take buying and selling to the internet. We have our own E-commerce website, and we leverage on its features to provide more powerful solutions to our clients.

Masterweb Stores is the preferred choice E-commerce solution for businesses hoping to sell through the internet. It is cheap, light-weight, shipped with lots of exciting features, and very easy to manage.

Masterweb Stores is a very simple, powerful and flexible E-commerce software as a website for businesses.

It is easy to customize, affordable to businesses, comes with state of the art support service from the developers.

Every customer gets 1 year free support. Further support and updates are available when license is renewed. You have access to your own installation for life, without a need to pay any other fee.

The following features are included in our E-commerce solution – Masterweb Stores:

  1. Inventory management 
  2. User funds management
  3. Accounting features (export CSV for reporting)
  4. Shipping/Delivery management
  5. Several payment options
  6. Coupon Code and Discount Promotions
  7. Front page Gallery system integrated
  8. Shopping Cart, Invoicing system and Order Management
  9. Live Chat system integrated
  10. Support Ticketing
  11. Affiliate Programs
  12. Free Google Analytics Tracking Integration
  13. Responsive and compatible with Mobile devices
  14. Content Management System for pages
  15. Customer Review/Rating
  16. Dark Mode/Night Browsing
  17. RSS FEED push notification and Wishlist to increase retention
  18. Email List Generation
  19. Receipt and QR Code
  20. Payment Gateways
  21. Auction System
  22. Auction Robot 

Visit to see what we already have. We sell this standard system to businesses and offer some more custom services in the package described below. We shall use “YOU” to refer to “Customer” below.

All these features listed are available for every installation, irrespective of the package you are purchasing. We configure colour, logo, text and up to 3 payments methods already integrated for free (Bank Transfer, Bitcoin Wallet, Account Funds and Cards payment via Paystack). We handle free installation. All you need to do is learn how to manage your online shop once you have purchased a plan.

Please note that in setting up your store, we configure currency, payment options, colours, logo, accounts that receive certain funds such as delivery charges, VAT, and sales proceeds, all for free. We also guide you on how to get started. We offer one year free support.

We have packages depending on what your preferences are: 

1. Basic Package

Single installation with logo and colour customization costs N70,000 or 200 USD. You purchase your own domain name and Cpanel hosting. Payment gateways allowed are Bank, Bitcoin Wallet, Account Funds and Cards payment via Paystack. No code level customisation is allowed for this package.

2. Standard Package

Single installation with logo and colour customization costs N200,000 or 580 USD. We offer optional standard shared server hosting, .com domain name, and an SSL certificate all for free. No code level customisation is allowed for this package. We can configure 2 extra payment gateways of your choice during setup.

3. Designer Package

Single installation with logo, colour and Front-page/product-page Customisation costs N300,000 or 860 USD.  All free offerings for the standard package are included here. No code level customisation is allowed for this package, except custom CSS.  We can configure 2 extra payment gateways of your choice during setup.

4. Developer Package

This package is meant for developers who might want to add extra level modifications without any extra restrictions. All designer package offerings are included here. Developers get extra permission to edit any codes at their own risk. This package costs N400,000 or 1,150 USD.  We can configure 2 extra payment gateways of your choice during setup.

5. Reseller Package

We can sell any of the above package at 30% discount when ordered by a reseller. A reseller is someone who is buying more than one installation at a time, or someone whom have previously purchased an installation, and wants to buy another.

6. Custom Package

If you need a package different from what we have described here, please feel free to give us a call or email and we shall make you an offer. We offer custom services to businesses.


Annual Support License Renewal
All installations get 1 year free support. Further support are available at the cost of N50,000 or 145 USD per year. Support ensures you get access to updates/new features available and get exclusive help from us when needed. Without paying for support, you can continue to use your installation at no extra cost from us. However, if you used our free domain name, Namecheap hosting and free SSL in the first year, you will continue to get it for free as long as you keep paying your annual license fee.

The support we offer include guiding you on how to use website, and fixing whatever bug we discover along the way. It also includes updating payment API when the payment gateway service provider make changes to them. We also feed you update of new features if your website has not been over-customised in such a way that our new feature might no longer be compatible with it.

Any additional payment gateway costs N35,000 or 100 USD to integrate after initial installation. If you have code-level access, and can do it yourself, then you will not need to pay this fee. Any other custom feature or integration fee can be negotiated.

Customers are free to request features that we can consider in our next update.

Setup and Management
Please note that during setup, we can help the client add up to 20 products for free. We also use the opportunity to train clients on how to add new product. Afterwards, a client can continue to add more products for free. However, if a client prefers that we add products on his behalf, those additions shall be billed at a rate of N2,000 per product. The same price applies to further processing of invoice.

Terms and Conditions Apply

We are an E-Commerce/Online Store Website Provider in Lagos, Nigeria

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