iCar, Apple’s Rumoured Electric Car Project can be ready by 2020

There are rumours that the iPhone maker, Apple, could be working on a car that doesn’t use fuel at all, but would run on electricity generated from battery charged either by solar or other sources. Sources close to the company revealed that Apple has made hires in the auto industry and wants an iCar to […]


Android Users Can Now Make Calls With WhatsApp

WhatsApp Version 2.11.531, which is available directly from WhatsApp website, has a new feature which can let users make voice calls to each other for Free through the normal data consumption. Whatsapp with over 600 million users could change the Telecom industry with this feature which could disrupt the normal phone calls. Currently, you need […]


Youtube Vlogger buys $1.5m mansion

Youtube Vlogger buys $1.5m mansion, and the first thing that some might ask is what the heck is vlogger? Vlogging is just video blogging, so she is just a blogger who uses video to present her ideas. Again, yeah, she is a lady. Zoe Sugg is her name and she charges £20,000 a month to advertisers […]


100 People Shortlisted to go on a one-way journey to Mars

100 People Shortlisted to go on a one-way journey to Mars, according to a post from Daily Mail. These 100 people were picked from 200,000 people all over the world who applied for the Mars One mission. They’ve agreed to die there because there will not be a return journey from the red planet. 1/3 of […]

World Cup Google Doodle 13/June/2014

Google Says Goodbye to Help Outs

In November 2013, Google Launched Help Outs, and it was a big product, but just less than 2 years, the product is going to the graveyards, to join other products in Google’s vault. In an email sent to members of the network, it read: Hi, We have some sad news to share with you today: […]


How RoadPad is set to disrupt the Transportation sector

RoadPad is a webapp and mobile application that is hoping to make transition easy for commuters by offering the best operators of any route to passengers, whether by air, road, rail or sea. RoadPad facilitates connection between transport operators such as transport companies and travel agencies, and passengers. RoadPad has over 50,000 cities and is […]


Microsoft introduces the New Windows 10 for Windows Phone

Microsoft introduced the New Windows 10 for Windows Phone on Thursday. They launched the first preview version of the Windows 10 for phones and the company says it is the earliest it has ever rolled out an early version of a Windows Phone update. The features include interactive notifications, improved speech-to-text functionality, a revamped action center, a new photos […]


Emmanuel has the solution to Energy Troubles with Thunder Lightning Energy converter

Emmanuel, just like the awaited Christian Messiah, claims to have the solution to Nigeria’s epileptic power problems, and his solution will actually power Africa and the World if it is possible and feasible. Read his speech below before we talk about this great inventor. Thunder Lightning Energy converter The Thunder Lightning Energy converter is a […]


Robots to replace staff at Japan Hotel

How would you feel when a robot welcomes you, smiles at you, takes your luggage, shows you to your room, and makes coffee for you? Well, I think you should be ok with that, because at least, you can do whatever in the presence of the robot without thinking of a third party present, unless […]


Google refused billions of dollars from Advertisers that broke the law

Google refused billions of dollars from Advertisers that broke the law by blocking them, according to the 2014 annual report.  Google banned more than 214,000 advertisers and disabled nearly 500 million not-good-enough advertisements in 2014. Assuming each advertisement is budgeted for $5, and there are 500 million advertisements, this confirms that Google rejected billions of […]


Twitter has struck a deal with Google so that tweets could be seen in real time when searched on Google

Twitter has struck a deal with Google so that tweets could be seen in real time when searched on Google. Before, the search giant had to crawl Twitter with their spiders and bots, similar to how they crawl other websites. This move has no privacy concerns since Tweets are visible unless an account is made […]

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Annual Post will help out with your New Year Resolution

Have you kept a new year resolution past a month into the new year? If no, you are not alone in this. Many people find it difficult to keep up with New Year Resolutions, but Annual Post is a service that will remind you of your resolution and for the fact that posts are public, […]

Self driving cars

Google X, the search giant’s secretive skunk works lab

Have you heard of the Google X? The search giant’s secretive skunk works lab. They are currently working on many cool stuffs like contact lenses that measure blood-glucose levels, balloon-powered Internet service, giant TV screens, the Web-connected eyewear Google Glass, and more. Google is confident, for instance, that it has laser radar technology, or LIDAR, that […]


Instagram officially overtakes Twitter in population

Instagram, the picture and video sharing service which was created four (4) years ago and later bought by Facebook in 2012 currently has over 300 million users, officially overtaking Twitter which has 284 million users as at 6 weeks ago. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom revealed today that about 70 million photos and videos are shared by […]

Google Trends

Become what people need to learn and make some money

What people need to learn could sound useless to read. But if you actually know what people need to learn, you can make a career teaching them how to do it, that’s if you know how to do that. Everyday, people go on Google searching for how to do this and that. And we have […]