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Mastercard could use facial recognition to authenticate users in the future

Mastercard could use facial recognition to authenticate users in the future after the firm’s security expert Ajay Bhalla told CNN that “The new generation, which is into selfies… I think they’ll find it cool.” At this stage, facial recognition has a big flaw after its failure on Android phones where users can use a photograph of the […]

Engineers added a cold air vent to certain Chevrolets for the 2016 model year to help keep smart phones wirelessly charging in the car from overheating.  The industry-first feature will be available in 2016 Chevrolet Impala, Malibu, Volt and Cruze models equipped with wireless charging and Chevrolet MyLink. The Active Phone Cooling feature works when the car’s heating, ventilation and cooling system is on.

Chevrolet will add a cooling system to phones next year

With mobile phones needing to compute a lot of  data in our ever-changing world where mobile has taken over and the fact that most people charge phones wirelessly in cars these days, phones take less break these days. Chevrolet has therefore decided to include a cooling system for phones being charged via its wireless charging […]

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

Facebook could one day read your thoughts

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a statement that sounded like something coming out of a science fiction movie, but given his status and achievements, I think his thoughts aren’t much of a Far Cry… In a public Q&A forum this week, the genius said: “One day, I believe we’ll be able to send full, rich […]


Elon Musk’s SpaceX has a Hyperloop competition coming up – You can participate

Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and has plans for Hyperloop, a very fast transportation system that looks to be gaining momentum. He revealed hyperloop in a White paper since 2013 and it looks like his company wants to do some Charity to those plans. According to Business Insider: Two companies in California — […]

(Q) Good morning Mr. Google, it's me again...
(A) Go on, I don't have time for greetings. 
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Latest Google Chrome Update will save your battery by pausing flash content

When you are on a browser using Google Chrome browser, and multiple tabs are open, or even multiple windows, there is a problem when flash-based slideshows or contents are playing on all of them! They all drain your battery faster, collectively! How about pausing them when not in use (or in view) ? That’s exactly […]

Robot race

Robots compete in Robots Olympiads – See funny video of the competition

Robots are far, very far from reaching the balance enjoyed by the human masters! But DARPA is pushing for more to be done by organising a competition for the robots. The robot Olympiad is an elimination process: Each research team gets only one chance to demonstrate their machine’s skills on the obstacle course. If a […]

Nigg* house

Google Map’s search bar points to the White House when you search for nigg* house or nigg*r house

Wow, some programmers have been messing up with Google Map networks, and this is real!  When you go on Google Map’s search bar and type the words nigg* house or nigg*r house (make sure the * is replaced with an a), what you will notice is that those words point to the White House referring to Barack […]

Google Project Zero

How many programming language is enough for a programmer to be good?

The hallmark of a good developer is building something that solves a problem (whether for consumers, enterprises or other developers). Think of the the Internet, Email, Web Pages – they were all created to solve a need. It’s also why ideally a developer shouldn’t mind learning new languages – the project determines what tools you […]


Blackberry Leap targets Enterprises and Professionals

Blackberry Leap, one of the flagship product from the Canadian phone maker targeted Enterprises and Professionals. Despite whether or not you personally decide to pick one up, the BlackBerry Leap is a pretty solid and very capable device. The BlackBerry Leap means serious business. It is the best professional tool for those who strive for success […]

FireShot Capture - SpaceX successfully delivers espresso m_ - http___www.mirror.co.uk_news_technol

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 couldn’t survive again due to excess lateral velocity

Attempt by SpaceX to land its Falcon 9 proved futile again due to excess lateral velocity so the spacecraft module couldn’t survive a third attempt to safely land. According to a tweet from its CEO, Elon Musk, this excess lateral velocity caused it to tip over post landing. Below is a vine of the event


The Amazon Dash button will show you the meaning of Internet of Things

Amazon introduced a flagship item called the Dash button, and it is a very useful product. Imagine a button next to your washing machine, and just a push of it orders washing powder for you, via your Amazon account, and your choice of powder for that machine is already recorded. The Dash-Button reads meaning to the […]

Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse coming on Saturday April 4, and we might see a Blood Moon

A Total Lunar Eclipse is coming on Saturday April 4th 2015, and we might see a Blood Moon. The eclipse will begin at 3:16 a.m. PT when the shadow of the earth begins to cover the moon. Totality will begin at 4:58 a.m. PT, with the greatest eclipse at 5 a.m. and totality ending at […]

Drone for internet

Unmanned aircraft that can beam internet access down to people from the sky

Internet.Org Initiative has tested an unmanned aircraft that can beam internet access down to people from the sky, according to a post from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. As part of our Internet.org effort to connect the world, we’ve designed unmanned aircraft that can beam internet access down to people from the sky. Today, I’m excited […]


Apple could acquire Tesla to advance its dream of an iCar

Apple could acquire Tesla to advance its dream of an iCar, and even shareholders wants Tim Cook to make that move. CarPlay is a product of Apple which is making cars feel ultra-modern, and Tim Cook has really used that to divert questions about acquiring electric car companies. “We know that when you step in […]


Tiny Mirrors Responsible For Chameleon’s Camouflage

Scientists have discovered that tiny crystals or mirrors under the skin of a Chameleon called iridophores are responsible for the ability of the reptile to change colours, depending on when it feels excited or threatened. The iridophores can contract or expand when the animal is excited or feels threatened and that explains how the reptile can quickly shift […]