MH17 Recording

Last Video Recording of the Downed Flight MH17 emerges

Last video from the  downed Malaysian flight MH17 just before it was shot down by Russian Separatists in Ukraine.  All Passengers died. Russia has praised the Malaysian government for staying neutral in accusation while investigations went on. Meanwhile, the US and the West blame Russia for this and have imposed sanctions on some Russian owned […]


Nigerian Scammers turning to professional hacking – a study from Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks

Nigerian scammers are developing beyond 419 advance-fee fraud scams against individuals by using trojans to steal valuable information from businesses instead. Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks reports that cyber criminals in Nigeria have evolved common malware campaigns to infiltrate businesses that have not previously been their primary targets. Over the last three years or […]


Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Crashes In Borno State

A Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Crashed This Afternoon at a location South of Bama in Borno State.  A statement by the Director of Defence Information, Major-General Chris Olukolade, explained that the plane had been on a training mission but crashed due to technical fault.  “Investigation has commenced to unravel the circumstances that led to the accident,” he said, […]

Basket Mouth

Men of God could be Insistent – or Stubborn – Learn from them

Men of God like to insist because they are sure of the God they worship. They have strong faith in He who sent them to spread the Word. And now it looks like I’m turning Evangelical, that’s not bad; I could be that one day. The point is in us behaving like Men of God […]

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Twitter logout tweak – when mentioning goes wrong

There’s been lots of stories on twitter, especially those of a blue whale, momentarily hiccups and hacked accounts. This one is none of those. Imagine when you want to bring something to our attention with the mentioning tag @, you simply type in @MasterwebNG and twitter would automatically link it to Mentioning Gone wrong […]

Google Project Zero

Search for Online Bugs and Hackers, The Project Zero Mission

Google announced today it is building an all-star team of security researchers who will act like anti-hacking superheroes to protect the Internet. Their mission: To make the Internet a safer place by searching for online bugs and hackers. The “Project Zero” team will be tasked with trying to prevent another Heartbleed virus. “We also commit […]

World Cup Google Doodle 13/June/2014

Amazing Google Doodle for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Google replaces its logo with a doodle in any major event or at birthdays of popular and important persons. Today, although it didn’t start today, I found this amazing Google Doodle that shows an animated E beating drum and a Tree-like L dancing to the tune with a walking stick. From Today, till the end […]

Are you kidding me?

Could Spammers be earning greatly from this?

Could Spammers be earning greatly from this? I believe the answer could be YES, although not all. In fact, as Achebe wrote in his book, if birds learn to fly without perching, hunters would learn to shoot without missing, I believe spammers are getting creative and discovering loopholes in the heart to exploit, a such […]


MTN Launches A Business Directory App For Africa

African telecommunication giant, MTN has launched the MTN Business Directory Services app that helps entrepreneurs place their business on a map. This will provide adequate visibility for small business owners in Africa. The Business Directory Services app uses new location and algorithm technology to highlight the most appropriate businesses and point of interest locations and […]

Google humour

If Google Were A Man, The Ultimate Google Joke

What? I would say at this, but coming to think of it, it’s very funny in concept, especially when a million jokes could come out from this. The ultimate Google jokes are mere jokes, never to be taken serious! In this era, Google seem to have a way to customize search results, and even show answers […]


Google unveils its first Android Wearable Smartwatch

At the Google’s developer conference in San Francisco, Google unveiled their wearable smartwatch. The first two models, made by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, were released earlier. Google officials say that smartphone users check their phones an average 125 times a day, most times using it to check updates, as calculator or nothing. With […]


Google Glass set to go on sale in UK for 1000 pounds

Google Glass set to go on sale in UK for 1000 pounds, and only available to those who are over 18. Google glass has been attacked for privacy reasons by government, advocacy groups and even individuals. Also, people have been arrested for driving while wearing the glass. So I can understand why the glass is […]


Japanesse scientists reveal robots that can read news

In a demonstration at a Tokyo museum on Tuesday, two human androids displayed their ability to speak with ease by delivering the news to a room of reporters. The remote controlled machines have silicon skin and artificial muscles, and are able to move their eyebrows, blink and sway their heads. The female teen-like robot, known […]


Google and Microsoft add Kill Switch Feature to Devices

The biggest OS providers,  Google and Microsoft will include the kill-switch feature in their Android and Windows OS to help check phone theft. This  move will not eliminate cell-phone theft but could render the stolen item unusable and hence will have no value for the thief, unless maybe the parts and accessories such as screen, speakers […]


Paypal extends some part of its service to Nigeria and nine other countries

Paypal has decided to launch its service to countries it wasn’t allowed in before. Paypal has been under criticism from Nigerians, one of the largest market for them in Africa, because they have no solution to huge internet fraud activities that go on in the country. Maybe Paypal has found a solution. Not all the […]