Dangote Unveils Nigeria’s First Fintech Bank, SunTrust Bank

Financial Technology has started getting traction in the commercial banking industry in Nigeria, and the richest Black Man is not wasting a bit of time. He has unveiled SunTrust Bank. It was celebration galore on Monday, August 15, 2016 when the President of the Dangote Group and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote led other dignitaries […]

5 Things You Can Do Whenever Your Internet Data Subscription Is Close To Expiry

We are always willing to save and avoid wastage, and that applies to our internet data subscription. So many people leave their subscription to expire, which is a great waste given that there are many ways you can avert such. Here are our top 5 tips to avoid wasting your precious MB, data bundles, internet […]


Have you been stuck with WHATSAPP Initializing, please wait a moment

During a new installation, update or recovery of a Whatsapp application on an Android phone, there is a stage where the screen writes: Initializing: Please wait a moment This could take just seconds in some phones, but minutes, hours or even days in other phones, and you can’t just keep staring at it. The solution […]

Etisalat Data Bundles

Best Etisalat Monthly Data Bundles Depending On Your Needs

We have an MTN version of this post. It is nice to help Etisalat customers too. In this age of information technology, there is constant need to access the internet, and the internet is becoming a better business for telecommunication networks than the calls and SMS you send with your mobile phones. Considering costs, budgets […]

mtn data plan

Best MTN Monthly Data Bundles Depending on your Data-Usage Needs

In this age of information technology, there is constant need to access the internet, and the internet is becoming a better business for telecommunication networks than the calls and SMS you send with your mobile phones. Considering costs, budgets and needs, it can be difficult to choose the right data plan or data bundle to […]


Etisalat Nigeria Trends on Twitter After Shutting Down for Over 6 Hours

If you were on Twitter today and you found Etisalat in the trends, do not be confused, they shut down phone calls and internet services for over 6 hours due to a scheduled maintenance on their systems. Customers took to Twitter to voice out their anger, but Etisalat warned of this. Take a look at […]

Dollar Foreign Exchange

Killer Tip for Bloggers to Drive Huge Traffic From Facebook and Make money on their Blog

I know how it feels when bloggers complain of not getting patronized. Yes, bloggers need readers, and that’s what they refer to as traffic. I was in a bloggers’ group when someone started doubting the possibility of an unpopular blog getting up to 2,000 visits a day. Well, I had to reveal a blcakhat method […]

101 Blogging Tips

101 Things Every Blogger Must Know

Coming directly from an author who has acquired years of experience in blogging, website designing, programming, online marketing and media advertising, this book provides very helpful tips to both new and established bloggers. 101 Tips is nothing to be joked with, and the secrets revealed in here aren’t something one can get anywhere on the […]

Whatsapp free for life

Whatsapp is now free for a lifetime – Here’s the catch!

Remember the “Why We Don’t Sell Ads?” Blah Blah Blah and instead the $0.99 charges? Well, I haven’t paid that for once and I’ve used Whatsapp for like 4 years. Whatsapp sent me series of messages yesterday in form of notifications saying Whatsapp has been renewed for a lifetime, then another message invalidating the renewal. […]

Dollar Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Deposit reopens in Nigeria With Dollar Set to Drop

It really looks like the Central Bank of Nigeria has found its way out of the issues it had with foreign currencies in the country. After banning deposit of foreign currency in 2015, it has reversed the order and even promised Dangote the  $14bn foreign exchange he requires to set up a refinery in Nigeria. […]


Netflix arrives Nigeria – Etisalat launches new data plan for Netflix

New products bring about new services and new services bring about new products. The biggest Video-on-demand (VOD) platform Netflix has arrived Nigeria and their arrival will bring about a huge change in the entertainment industry. The Nollywood producers will benefit from this mostly, not just the Nollywood audience, because Netflix will give them an alternative […]

Lucky Numbers

The Model & Design of a Lotto/Lottery Business Online & Offline

Overview Lottery is one of the most popular forms of legal gambling that is patronized by common people because of the simplicity of the game combined with its high rewards. The basic of lottery is to give the participants opportunity to predict and bet their money on a set of numbers that can be generated […]

solar city

Elon Musk Shows Us the Size of Solar Panels that can Power the Earth – So Small

You’d think humanity is stupid to have not realized this since day one and instead chose to destroy earth with fossil fuel. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk gave a talk on December 15 at the American Geophysical Union meeting saying: “You could take a corner of Utah and Nevada and power the entire United […]

solar farm

Spoiler: This American Town believes Solar Panels will suck out energy from sun

This little and funny town in United States of America has voted against the proposed construction of solar farms that would have created a better electricity source for them for a funny reason. Retired science teacher Jane Mann told  the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald  she was concerned the panels would prevent photosynthesis from occurring, keeping plants, which rely […]

Mark reading to Max

Mark Zuckerberg is really wowing us with his parenting skills

It has not been up to 2 weeks since the announcement of the arrival of Max, the first child of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. We earlier reported that he would be taking some months off to spend some quality time with his daughter. Mark is keeping up to his words! He shared a picture […]