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Annual Post will help out with your New Year Resolution

Have you kept a new year resolution past a month into the new year? If no, you are not alone in this. Many people find it difficult to keep up with New Year Resolutions, but Annual Post is a service that will remind you of your resolution and for the fact that posts are public, […]

Self driving cars

Google X, the search giant’s secretive skunk works lab

Have you heard of the Google X? The search giant’s secretive skunk works lab. They are currently working on many cool stuffs like contact lenses that measure blood-glucose levels, balloon-powered Internet service, giant TV screens, the Web-connected eyewear Google Glass, and more. Google is confident, for instance, that it has laser radar technology, or LIDAR, that […]


Instagram officially overtakes Twitter in population

Instagram, the picture and video sharing service which was created four (4) years ago and later bought by Facebook in 2012 currently has over 300 million users, officially overtaking Twitter which has 284 million users as at 6 weeks ago. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom revealed today that about 70 million photos and videos are shared by […]

Google Trends

Become what people need to learn and make some money

What people need to learn could sound useless to read. But if you actually know what people need to learn, you can make a career teaching them how to do it, that’s if you know how to do that. Everyday, people go on Google searching for how to do this and that. And we have […]

Flu monitor

Monitor Flu Activity Around The World With Google

Do you know that you can actually monitor a lot going on around the world with Google? Oh, yeah you know, but you don’t get me. You can have realtime data of the amount of flu activity going on in every part of the world. Watch a video of how to do that here How […]

First photo from Philae

A European robot probe has made the first historic landing on a comet

A European robot probe has made the first, historic landing on a comet, but its status remains uncertain after harpoons failed to anchor it to the surface. Officials said the craft may have lifted off the comet after touchdown before returning to the surface. Lander project manager Stephan Ulamec said: “Maybe we didn’t just land […]


NCC to auction 2.6ghz spectrum in Nigeria in December

The National communication Commission in Nigeria has fixed a date in December 2014 to auction the 2.6 gigahertz spectrum to the Nation’s Broadband businesses, in a bid to strengthen broadband internet penetration in Nigeria. The statement was made available to journalists on Sunday by the Director of Public Affairs, NCC, Mr. Tony Ojobo. According to him, the […]


Facebook Messenger has reached 500m users per month

Facebook Messenger has reached 500 million users per month. This shows that the number of persons using the Social media apps messaging platform could one day reach or even topple the 1.3 billion total Facebook users. “Messaging is an important part of how people stay connected and since Messenger launch in 2011, we’ve been passionate […]

Free Domain Names

Looking For Free Domain Names? Understand Your Domains

Domain names are set of characters in certain formats that point to an IP address. The IP address could either be dedicated to a single domain name or shared across several IP addresses. Because websites are hosted on web servers and web servers are reached via entering their IP addresses on servers, it could be […]

Read Nigerian newspaper online

Read Nigerian Newspapers Online – Top 10 list to watch

Surely, we do not miss the days of reading paper-type or printed newspapers. No, we will never because they are all still here with us. The only thing that has changed is that the media houses, in an attempt to keep up with real-time reporting of news and events in Nigeria, have taken to the […]

Online marketing in Nigeria

Starting Online Marketing in Nigeria

Nigeria has a population of over 180 million people, and more people are getting included in the Census. It is the most populated black Nation on Earth, the largest economy in Africa (Nigeria just overtook South Africa), and as you should know, has a workforce who are so brilliant with the internet. This is why […]


Lumia 530 #PowerPromo Pumps Up The Power

Microsoft latest smartphone, Lumia 530, is now available in Nigeria and if you are one of the first to buy this smartphone, you will win a Bang by Coloud Mini Speaker. It is portable but can get a party started in seconds. To win, just buy the new Lumia 530 smartphone from any of the […]

MTN Pulse

MTN iPulse to allow students gain access to more academic resources & social networking apps

The Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Nigeria, Bayo Adekanmbi, has described the recent slash in data and call rates of the re-launched iPulse, as a move to allow students in all tertiary institutions gain access to sufficient academic resources while expanding their social connections. In a statement made available to the press, the marketing chief stated […]

Linda Ikeji Blog vs Aye Dee

Linda Ikeji Blog Returns After Aye Dee Saga

Linda Ikeji’s blog was taken down by Google but restored already after the person who reported her showed up to be a person from her past. It’s really not about plagiarism or her wealth but for ignoring the person that helped her from the start. Linda posting the conversation seems a little bit foolish because […]


Google Takes Down Linda Ikeji Blog

The famous Nigerian blog lindaikeji.blogspot.com has been taken down by Google. We haven’t gotten much details about why the measure was taken. Some already reported this as a hack, but it’s clear the blog has been removed from the information available on the url. Premium Times reports that Google removes Linda Ikeji Blog over plagiarism […]