Your Next iPhone or Galaxy Phone Might Cost More – Here’s Why

Your Next iPhone or Galaxy Phone Might Cost More – Here’s Why

Some analysts think the new Samsung pricing, reported initially by Evan Blass of VentureBeat, could indicate Samsung will copy Apple’s strategy of selling older models at lower prices.

The new Galaxy S8 will sell for 799 euros, a 100 euro price hike and an expected larger screen model will sell for 899 euros, Blass reported.

Samsung typically sells the phones for the same number of dollars in the United States, so that would equate to $799 and $899, as opposed to exactly equivalent prices suggested by current exchange of $871 and $980. If the rumors are correct, the current Galaxy S7 could sell for $699 or less.

Samsung could also make up for the hike by bundling more free accessories.

Last year, it gave away millions of its Gear VR headsets for virtual reality to Galaxy S7 buyers.

“Samsung could also start higher and bundle some accessories at launch to raise the value proposition in select markets, so that price increase will average out,” says Neil Shah, an analyst at Counterpoint Research.

Shah also mentioned Samsung’s disastrous losses last year from the exploding batteries in Galaxy Note 7 phones as a possible rationale for raising prices. “Maybe Samsung wants to compensate a bit with a bit higher pricing,” he says.

On the side of Apple, however, according to the latest rumors, mostly emanating from sources in Apple’s Asian supply chain, the company will offer three new models this year.

Two will closely resemble the current 7 and 7 Plus models while a third, which outsiders have dubbed the 10th anniversary edition or the iPhone 8, apparently will feature a radical new design.

The flagship is expected to include an edge-to-edge 5.8-inch screen using a brighter OLED display and offer wireless charging. The new screen technology is more expensive, in part prompting a higher price.

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