Latest Scams By Computer and Phones: Beware

Latest Scams By Computer and Phones: Beware

A complicated report in  which a fake customer representative from one of the telecomms company in the company made the rounds. The victim lost certain amounts of money to the scammer in the process.

Many scam tactics have evolved over the years and have been very consistent in the use technology to scam their victims.

We are seeing that scammers are getting very creative and inventive in using technology to their advantage.

It is my belief that people should be skeptical when asked for payment over the phone.

“Any time that you’re asked to give payment to someone else, question it, especially if you did not initiate the conversation.”

People who suspect they’re being targeted can look online for a legitimate number for the organization, or check Google for similar interactions that others are describing.

Scams tend to repeat themselves over and over and over again.

People having doubts should call a friend or even local law enforcement to see whether any similar scam has been reported.

How scammers are successful is they create a sense of urgency.

Elderly people seem to be targeted more frequently, therefore people with older relatives need to have conversations about different scams.

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