Sales Writing/ Marketing Masters

Sales/Marketing/Promo Writing and Marketing Tutorship

Become a master in sales/marketing copy writing.
Here is the Newest, Quickest and Easiest possible style with which you can create Great, Evergreen marketing that pulls sales and outright profit, creating Fat Bottom Line of sales and profit for you and the outfit you represent. Whether you operate over the internet or off the internet, these new secrets will make you the marketer and Sales Person to beat

This course will teach you to write Affiliate/Sales copies perfectly and never miss an opportunity to woo a prospect over the telephone, through your writing and field performance.
Just by your writing and/or Conversations, sell anything to anybody, anywhere.

Get a Marketing Masters Diploma and stand out; convince any person through your writings.
This course will also teach you how to sell anything to anybody, anywhere; physically and online.

Sell Yourself; Sell your brand; become sought-after.

Prerequisites: This course is geared towards marketers, Salesmen, Promoters and Students of the afore-mentioned fields. It is expected that participants in this program have marketing experience(field/online)

Reveal Marketing Approach (Session 1)
Distinction Style Marketing - Producer and Marketer becoming one (Session 2)

Cataloguing Your Offerings and Benefits Building (Session 3)
How to sell as though you own it; even if you dont - Providence Marketing Approach (Session 4)
Quality Market Approach (Session 5)
How To Recruit (Session 6)
After Work Approach (Session 7)
Projects and Exams (Session 8)

Duration:5 weeks

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